About Us


Short Story About Our Company


Since 2005, we have been servicing clients with a whole range of production support, from concept, pre-production support, production to post-production.

Our client base is varried. From independent producers, production companies, broadcast companies, corporates, Government to Non-government organizations.




Happy Clients


Years of Experience

Where we work

 Africa is our film set


This is where the company was established in 2005. It is from here we have grown to the rest of the continent with the ability to produce and shoot anywhere in Africa


The company established its presence here in 2011. Since then, we have been servicing mostly international clients who need production support in Ghana and the rest of West Africa

Rest of Africa

We produce and film in many other African countries. We have skeletal crews in most places and can easily bring in more crews and equipment as we are familiar with territorial procedures.